Hi! This is Zoe


1024px-Yellow_exclamation_mark.svg Why do I write this?

Hi there! My name is Zoe Chew and I’m from Malaysia. This little site LiteThisWay is where I curate cool ideas and thoughts. You will find me writing about productivity, goals and entrepreneurship here. I value mindset development and I hope to use this site to share ideas that can inspire people to become the best in their life journey.

1024px-Yellow_exclamation_mark.svg Create values in the work I do

I love tech, music and web. My business at MashWebby Marketing provides training and consultation for companies. I love creating useful products & services. For example, my latest side project Firebass is a platform curating jobs available in electronic music industry. Think of it as LinkedIn and UpWork had a baby in the music industry?

1024px-Yellow_exclamation_mark.svg My 40 books per year mission

I read 40 books per year since 2017. I love posting book summary on every book I finished on Instagram. Why is it a mission? Because I spent years struggling to finish even 1 book. Maybe it was because I didn’t figure out on how to read a book properly. Until I discovered Elon Musk and his ability to finish 1 to 2 book per day at the age of 12, it inspired me to go from 0 book to 40 books per year.

1024px-Yellow_exclamation_mark.svg Fun facts about Zoe

Additionally, here are some cool things about being Zoe:

  • I partied my way during my final years to earn my First Class Honours Degree in International Business & Marketing!
  • I make electronic music and have some music work on my Spotify, SoundCloud and Mixcloud
  • Can’t drink coffee (caffeine) but totally okay with Vodka + Red Bull
  • Sleep past 2am but never developed eye bags/dark circles
  • Took me 10 years to gain 1kg
  • ENTJ + Choleric + Type A personality

1024px-Yellow_exclamation_mark.svg A place to start